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advertising + women’s self image : dove sketching ad vs. axe effect ad

I’ve been seeing the Dove ad pop up on my Facebook feed a lot this week. It shows the process of a sketch artist creating two drawings of one woman. One is based on how she describes herself and the other is based on how someone else describes her.

The results are stunning as the women describe their physical features more critically so their drawings are harsher and less realistic. I’m confident that these results were not faked as I am often the first person who hears how a woman describes herself in the photographs we’ve taken.

I know that people see their own facial lines, nose profiles, jawlines, upper arms, eyes, stomachs, thighs and butts in a different light than the rest of us see them. I’m guilty of it myself. One benefit to hearing hundreds of women speak about their physical insecurities is that I have become much more accepting of myself.

I’m still somewhat cynical of the ad campaign as Dove is owned by Unilever, the same company who owns Axe. The Axe ad campaign is aimed at a young male demographic and is full of physical sexual attraction and scantily clad, drop dead gorgeous women. It’s the exact kind of media that drives young girls to feel they don’t measure up who eventually grow up into women who can’t see their own beauty.

So what do you think? How did you react to seeing the Dove sketching commercial? Do you feel the same knowing that Unilever runs Axe ads as well?

justus turns one : one year old portrait session

Our baby, Justus, turned one in March and we’ve been meaning to do his one year old portrait session. If we’re not careful, we can easily become so busy doing everyone else’s photographs that we neglect photographing our own family. So when I noticed a few new teeth in Justus’ mouth on a slower day, we did his session before they grew in.

I’m a sucker for that cute stage when there are just two little bottom teeth showing when babies smile. He hammed it up for the camera until he got distracted pushing the box around the studio rather than standing by it.

Justus is a complete sweet heart and we are so thankful that he’s part of our family.

cute cousins : abbotsford family photographer

“What children need most are the essentials that grandparents provide in abundance. They give unconditional love, kindness, patience, humor, comfort, lessons in life. And, most importantly, cookies.”
— Rudolph Giuliani

We love doing photographs for Grandparents as it brings them so much joy and it is a gift that will sit and lovingly gaze at for hours. Our studio is perfect for a session with a bunch of young cousins like these cuties.

cherry blossom sessions : abbotsford photographer

Spring has sprung a few weeks earlier than normal in the Fraser Valley thanks to the gorgeous sun we had this past weekend. We enjoyed going on several walks, getting Xander his first skateboard, replacing Lexi’s bike wheel that she skidded right through, thrifting and having some delicious dinners with our families.

The cherry blossoms are out so if you’ve been dreaming of a portrait session with them, now is the time to give us a call and make arrangements. 604-864-6339

Revival Arts is an award winning and accredited portrait photography studio on beautiful Eagle Mountain in Abbotsford. Jason Brown enjoy creating stunning portraits that you will enjoy looking at every day in your home.

abbotsford food bank : no show family fun fest

The Abbotsford Food Bank makes a difference to 100 people PER DAY. That’s how many people come through their doors each day. I want to say I’m pleased to support them but I wish that they were an organization that there was no need for in our community.

Here’s how you can help. The Abbotsford Food Bank is hosting their 2nd No Show Family Fun Fest. You don’t need to buy a ticket, book a babysitter and find some styling threads. You can enjoy and support this event from the comfort of your own computer.

I hope you are generous with your support by bidding, donating and sharing this event with friends and family!

fraser valley dance photographer : dance school photography

We are gearing up to start our dance photography and are excited to be doing photography for Project Dance in Chilliwack, Creative Edge in Abbotsford and Xtreme Talent in Abbotsford.

Parents, we are working at making the process as easy for you as possible. We realize that you have a lot of things on your plate, so here are the three things you need to know:

1. Please fill in a preorder envelope for each dance that you want your dancer individually photographed for. Include cash or cheque payment to Revival Arts. You can do one payment for your entire family.

2. Dancer brings a preorder envelope for each dance to hand to the photographer and is photographed as a group and individually if requested.

3. Orders will be available for pick up at your dance studio the week after the year end show.

For more information, you are welcome to contact us at 604-864-6339, 1-877-310-3500 or We look forward to photographing your dancer!

If you are part of a dance studio looking to have amazing photographs done by an experienced dance photographer, please give us a call or email so we can chat about your dance photography needs.

the huber family : abbotsford family portrait photographer

Pam had the perfect place in her home to hang a portrait and came to us to create a piece that would capture her family so they could enjoy it for many years. She found the perfect outfit for everyone and I’m not sure what motivation techniques she uses, but they were ready to be photographed when they arrived at our studio. I can’t wait to see their large canvas in their home!

You can see more Revival Arts family portraits for home d├ęcor here.