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boo shoot 2013 : 6th annual client appreciation

Our studio was invaded last week by cute kids in costumes again! It’s the sixth time we’ve run this even where our clients can bring their kids and a donation to the Abbotsford Food Bank and we’ll photograph their kids and send them some digital files. You can see the gallery of images on our Facebook page.

Above is Jason in his camera costume. One evening Lexi said to him, “Daddy, you should have a camera on your head!” A few hours later in the production room with an exacto blade, foam core board and a glue gun and he created his camera head.

online studio tour : revival arts photography studio

We’ve been in our current studio space on Eagle Mountain in Abbotsford for three years now. It’s perfect for us and we love it! We recently had some renovations done by Mountainside Design + Build. (They were fabulous!) The floors are now concrete and the walls are a matte art gallery white. We’ve have samples of work we’ve done for our clients, a wall of fame of the celebrities we’ve photographed and a wall showing the various awards that Jason has earned over the years. If you’re in the area, please stop by to check it out. For those of you who can’t visit us, we invite you do a tour through our website or Facebook page.

jason brown wins national awards : canadian illustration photographer

Jason just keeps bringing home the photography awards! We had a great time attending the Professional Photographers of Canada’s annual convention. This year it was in Vancouver so we juggled the school, baby and work schedule to take in as much as we could.

The final evening was the awards ceremony. It was a pretty big deal. I thought it was a great opportunity to put on heels and eat a whole dinner without having to cut anyone’s meat or wipe any faces! There were women there in full out gowns with trains and the men weren’t outdone as there were a few tuxes and even Scottish kilt ensembles.

Many photographers received their Craftsman, Masters and Service of Photographic Arts Awards. It was lovely to see them escorted across the stage to receive an award that signifies the skill and hours they have devoted to the photography craft and industry. It is something that we aspire to achieve one day.

Jason received several awards from the 2013 Salon (photography competition). He received the Best in Class trophy for his image “Shoe-icide” in the Illustration category. This is a commercial category meaning that it is photography for businesses and the illustration category is to showcase a product in a way that entices the viewer.

Each judge (10 plus two jury chairs if I understand correctly) gets to choose one image as the judge’s choice and Andrew Simpson of Photoart By Simpson chose Jason’s Shoe-icide image.

Jason Brown also had two images accepted into the Loan Collection. Each year, 40 images are chosen from the competition to represent imaging across Canada for the year. To have two images accepted is a huge honour. “Shoe-icide” and “Radial Ascension” were the ones selected.

Jason had one more image “Static” accepted into the 2013 Salon (the overall competition). He also entered one image that was no accepted which goes to show that there’s always room to improve and learn.

Overall, it was another great year of competition as the entries were astounding. British Columbia had a large number of Best in Class which goes to show that there are many talented photographers in our province.

In an industry that is unregulated and has low barriers to entry, by hiring an accredited and/or award winning member of the Professional Photographers of Canada, you know that you are hiring someone who has demonstrated a high level of skill. We hope that as members of the Professional Photographers of Canada, we can help educate the public and support other photographers.

advertising + women’s self image : dove sketching ad vs. axe effect ad

I’ve been seeing the Dove ad pop up on my Facebook feed a lot this week. It shows the process of a sketch artist creating two drawings of one woman. One is based on how she describes herself and the other is based on how someone else describes her.

The results are stunning as the women describe their physical features more critically so their drawings are harsher and less realistic. I’m confident that these results were not faked as I am often the first person who hears how a woman describes herself in the photographs we’ve taken.

I know that people see their own facial lines, nose profiles, jawlines, upper arms, eyes, stomachs, thighs and butts in a different light than the rest of us see them. I’m guilty of it myself. One benefit to hearing hundreds of women speak about their physical insecurities is that I have become much more accepting of myself.

I’m still somewhat cynical of the ad campaign as Dove is owned by Unilever, the same company who owns Axe. The Axe ad campaign is aimed at a young male demographic and is full of physical sexual attraction and scantily clad, drop dead gorgeous women. It’s the exact kind of media that drives young girls to feel they don’t measure up who eventually grow up into women who can’t see their own beauty.

So what do you think? How did you react to seeing the Dove sketching commercial? Do you feel the same knowing that Unilever runs Axe ads as well?

jason’s a nominee for the arty awards : abbotsford arts scene

Jason is pleased and honoured to have his artistic skills recognized by the Abbotsford Arts Council in the form of a nomination for the 2013 Arty Awards. He is nominated in the category of 2D Visual Artist and we are looking forward to the awards ceremony tonight.

We hear that there’s some pretty great food, silent auction items, and entertainment for us to enjoy. But really, we’re just excited to get out together without the kids! And they’re excited to stay home without us and eat macaroni and cheese which is a celebrated tradition on babysitter nights.

justus turns one : one year old portrait session

Our baby, Justus, turned one in March and we’ve been meaning to do his one year old portrait session. If we’re not careful, we can easily become so busy doing everyone else’s photographs that we neglect photographing our own family. So when I noticed a few new teeth in Justus’ mouth on a slower day, we did his session before they grew in.

I’m a sucker for that cute stage when there are just two little bottom teeth showing when babies smile. He hammed it up for the camera until he got distracted pushing the box around the studio rather than standing by it.

Justus is a complete sweet heart and we are so thankful that he’s part of our family.

our first family day : with a little fisheye

We enjoyed hanging around as a family on the first official Family Day in BC. There aren’t many days these days where we don’t have to work naps, eating, school and driving everyone places around work and school life. So it was a treat to just spend time together. Jason decided to try out an idea he had about using his fish eye lens so the kids and I obliged him by being models.

annual photographers’ get together : schmooze fest 2013

We had a wonderful time hosting a group of over 40 photographers at our studio this weekend. It was great to catch with friends and meet some photographers that we previously didn’t know. In an industry where people can be isolated and competitive, we feel that it’s important to foster a sense of community and support each other. This is an annual event open to all photographers and we look forward to doing it again in early 2014! You can see an album of photographs on our Revival Arts Facebook page here.