the huber family : abbotsford family portrait photographer

Pam had the perfect place in her home to hang a portrait and came to us to create a piece that would capture her family so they could enjoy it for many years. She found the perfect outfit for everyone and I’m not sure what motivation techniques she uses, but they were ready to be photographed when they arrived at our studio. I can’t wait to see their large canvas in their home!

You can see more Revival Arts family portraits for home d├ęcor here.

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  1. Michelle Se says:

    Hi There,

    I am inquiring about a family photoshoot. The main purpose is to have my grandparents be the focal point and have their grand children in the photos. I also would like to take separate portrait photographs of just my grandparents.

    There will be 7-8 grandchildren. There may be 2 more adults, my grandparent’s two children. We may sound like a big family but we are very low maintenance. We only need 2-3 good photos of my grandparents and all their grand children and the rest should be of my grandparents.

    I would like to aim for a date anytime between now and January 3rd/14. I hope this isn’t too last minute. It is just that all my family lives in different areas of Canada so it is rare we are all together at the same time.

    If not I can probably aim for a date in the summer or spring but preferrably this winter.

    Can you please give me a price quote; as well as, some ideas of theme/where you could shoot the photo.

    I really look forward to hearing back from you.

    Kindest regards,

    Michelle Se.

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